Welcome To Nu-Tech

With access to our On-site full service Machine Shop at Cross Technology Inc. Nu-Tech has the capacity to develop and design custom molded heat shrinkable products to meet our customers need

 Please note: A minimum order of $35 for all heat shrink products, a minimum order of $30 for all NTE electrical components (excludes surplus items) and a minimum order of $15 for batteries.

Nu-Tech Heat Shrink is an approved practical solution for the application of a tight, thick-walled, abrasion-resistant protective covering to anything that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, friction, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical environmental conditions.  Heat Shrinking products combine the advantage of quick easy installation with a high die-electric strength and a large expansion ratio so a variety of sizes can be accommodated with a limited amount of shelved inventory.  Corrosion and chemical resistant, Nu-Tech products offer important functional fabrication/maintenance advantages with cost saving benefits for your electrical and electronic applications.