End Caps

Group of Heat Shrinkable End Caps by Nu-Tech

Hot melt adhesive linings offer protection from slippage and moisture penetration during service.

Heat-shrinkable end caps provide a simple, yet effective, method for sealing cable ends, pipe conduit or other similar objects where maximum flame retardancy and moisture resistance is required.

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Nu-Tech Part #Recommended Cable RangeSupplied Expanded DiameterRecovered Diameter (max)Recovered Length (Inches)Recovered Wall ThicknessAdhesive Coating Thickness
NU080X025.25" thru .75"0.80"0.24"3.0"0.130"0.02"
NU137X050.50" thru "1.351.37"0.47"3.5"0.130"0.02"
NU200X075.75" thru 2.0"2.10"0.70"3.5"0.150"0.02"
NU380X1501.6" thru 3.75"3.80"1.50"4.5"0.170"0.02"