High-Ratio Shrink Tubing

HRT in use


  • Excellent cut through & abrasion resistance
  • High quality superior Crosslinked Polyolefin
  • Continuous use temperature of -55°C to 135°C
  • Flame retardant (rated non-burning)
  • Expands up to ten times its resting diameter (up to 10:1 ratio)
  • NAFTA, ROHS & ELV compliant
  • UV resistant color carbon black with yellow printing
  • Resists gasoline, engine chemicals & cleaning solvents
  • -55°C low temperature flexibility (ASTM D-2671 C)
  • Registered in the NASA database Cage Code 1UGZ7

Nu-Tech manufactures one of the world’s finest quality heat-shrinkable tubing that provides exceptional protection insulation, environmental sealing and strain relief.  Our products are used by the military and aerospace industries the world over for sealing in critical environments.  Over-sizing and large expansions make installation over large connectors simple and practical in the field service environment.

Blue-HRT02High-ratio heat-shrinkable tubing, with expansion ratios as low as 4:1 and as high as 8:1, are designed to accommodate large size transitions between cables, cable connectors and backshells thus simplifying repairs of damaged cables as well as sealing the back end of connectors.

Available with or without adhesive, all are flame retardant conforming to military specifications as indicated in the product specifications.

High-ratio heat shrinking products with thermoplastic adhesive coating offer excellent strain relief and environmental sealing in wet and corrosive locations.  Suitable for direct burial and deep sea environments, the material offers excellent fluid resistance as well as long-term heat resistance in extreme operating conditions.

Common Part #Nu-Tech Part #Nominal Length InchesSupplied Minimum IDAfter Recovery ID Minimum
91385-1NUHRT .750.5" - 6"0.75"0.12"
91385-2NUHRT 1.500.5" - 12"1.50"0.23"
91385-3NUHRT 2.000.5" - 12"2.00"0.34"
91385-4NUHRT 3.000.5" - 12"3.00"0.50"
91385-5NUHRT 4.500.5" - 12"4.50"0.75"
91385-6NUHRT 6.000.5" - 10"6.00"1.50"