NTE – New Product Line!


Minimum $30 Order

AC-DC Adapters
5V AC-DC Adapters
6V AC-DC Adapters
9V AC-DC Adapters
12V AC-DC Adapters
18 V AC-DC Adapters
24V AC-DC Adapters
Cable Management
Cable Ties
Standard Nylon Cable Ties
Mounting Hole Nylon Cable Ties
Cobra Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties
Releasable Nylon Cable Ties
Identification Nylon Cable Ties
Push Mount Nylon Cable Ties
Hook & Loop Cable Ties
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Beaded Nylon Cable Ties
Cable Tie Convenience Packs
Cable Tie Accessories
Bundle Management
Split Loom
Spiral Wrap
Expandable Sleeving
Nylon Cable Clamps
Twist Locks
Circuit Protection
3.6 x 10mm Glass Microfuse, Fast Acting & Slow Blow
2AG Equivalent − 4.5 x 15mm Miniature Glass
5 x 20mm Miniature Glass
5 x 20mm Miniature Ceramic
3AG Equivalent − 6 x 30mm Miniature Glass
3AB Equivalent − 6 x 30mm Miniature Ceramic
10 x 38mm Ceramic, Fast Acting
2.4 x 7mm PICO Fuse Equivalent
ATM – Low Voltage, Fast Acting, Miniature Automotive with LED Indicator
ATM − Low Voltage Miniature Automotive, Fast Acting
ATC – Low Voltage, Fast Acting, Automotive with LED Indicator
ATC – Low Voltage Automotive, Fast Acting
MAX − Low Voltage Max Automotive, Fast Acting
Fuse Assortment Kits
Fuse Accessories
Disc Thermostats
Fans, DC Type, 40x40mm
Fans, DC Type, 60x60mm
Fans, AC & DC, 80x80mm
Fans, AC Type, 92x92mm
Fans, AC & DC, 120x120mm
Fan Accessories
Heat Shrink
Thin Wall Heat Shrink (2:1)
Medium Wall Heat Shrink (3:1)
Thick Wall Heat Shrink (3:1)
Dual Wall Heat Shrink (3:1)
Heat Shrink Assortment Packs
LEDs & EL Wire
LED Strips
2835 Size LED Strips
3528 Size LED Strips
5050 Size LED Strips
LED Strip Accessories
EL (Electroluminescent) Wire
LED Tubing
LED Lamps
Potentiometers & Trimmers
Single Turn Potentiometers
Single Turn, Carbon
Single Turn, Cermet
Single Turn, 16mm
Single Turn, 24mm
Multi-turn Wirewound Potentiometers
Economy Trimmers
Economy Trimmers- Single Turn, Cermet
Economy Trimmers- Multi-turn, Cermet
Single Turn, Cermet
Multi-Turn, Cermet
Potentiometer & Trimmer Accessories
Relays, Contactors & Circuit Breakers
General Purpose Relays
Power Relays
PC Mount Relays
Hermetically Sealed
Impulse/Latching Relays
Reed Relays
Automotive Relays
Time Delay Relays
Delay on Operate
Delay on Release
Interval On
Repeat Cycle
Single Shot
Cube Timers
Solid State Relays
Input/Output Modules
Special Function Devices
Cube Timers
Circuit Breakers
Toggle Switches
Standard Toggle Switches
Illuminated Toggle Switches
Waterproof Toggle Switches
Rocker Switches
Standard Rocker Switches
Illuminated Rocker Switches
Waterproof Rocker Switches
Auto/Marine Rocker Switches
Pushbutton Switches
Security Switches
Snap Action Switches
Miscellaneous Switches
Switch Accessories
PVC Insulated
Spade Terminals
Pin Terminals
Ring Terminals
Flange Spade Terminals
Male Quick Disconnects
Female Quick Disconnects
Bullet Receptacle Disconnects
Butt Connectors
Piggyback Disconnects
Nylon Insulated
Male Disconnects
Female Disconnects
Piggyback Disconnects
Flag Terminals
Close-End Connectors
Fully Insulated Female Disconnects
Butt Connectors
Fully Insulated Male Disconnects
Ring Terminals
Butt Connectors
Female Disconnects
Male Disconnects
Spade Terminals
Flag Terminals
Heat Shrink-Insulated
Solder Butt Connectors
Male Female Quick Disconnects
Butt Connectors
Twist-On Wire Connectors
Stripping Quick Splices
Terminal Blocks
Barrier Strips
Euro-Style Terminal Blocks