1-NUS-2A Multi-Entry Seals


Part Number S: 1-NUS-2A
Number legs: 2
C Min. Exp. ID: 0.40
C Max. Rec. ID: 0.11
B feed Thru: 0.50
Drill/Hole Size: 1.00

1-NUS-2A IGS Model

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Product Description

Three-part assembly – a rigid plastic nylon nut, an O-ring and a heat-shrinkable mold.

Nu-Tech cable entry seals meet the requirements of Navsea Drawing #803-500127-1313 and provide a watertight seal where cables enter connection/junction boxes.

Nu-Tech shrinkable materials meet the requirements of SAE-AS81765/1, and the body material exceeds the flame retardant requirements of the U.S. Navy.  See page 01 for product-specific technical data.


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