2-NUP-3B Multi-Entry Seals


Part Number P: 2-NUP-3B
Number of Legs: 3
B Feed Thru: 0.70
C Min. Exp. ID: 0.60
C Max Rec. ID: 0.17
NPT Size: 0.75

2NUP3B IGS Model


One-part assembly that combines a tapered national pipe thread (NPT) in rigid plastic nylon with a heat-shrinkable molded boot with multiple legs.


multi-entry-seals-NUPNu-Tech cable entry seals meet the requirements of Navsea Drawing #803-500127-1313 and provide a watertight seal where cables enter connection/junction boxes.

Nu-Tech shrinkable materials meet the requirements of SAE-AS81765/1, and the body material exceeds the flame retardant requirements of the U.S. Navy.  See page 01 for product-specific technical data.

What are National Pipe Threads?

National pipe threads are rigid plastic nylon NPT fittings affixed to rubberized flexible seals.  When heated the flexible flame retardant polyolefin material shrinks to encapsulate up to 8 legs available.

An additional hot melt adhesive lining provides a creep-resisting waterproof seal that is secure yet semi-rigid to allow flexibility during service.

It is recommended to apply a small amount of silicone or other sealant to the threads during assembly to ensure a waterproof seal.


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