43215 Transition Boot without Lip


Part Number: 43215
A Min +/- 20%: 3.90
B Min Exp.: 1.68
B Max. Rec.: 1.07
C Min. Exp.: 1.68
C Max. Rec.: 0.37
D Min. +/- 10%: 0.71
E Min. +/- 10%: 2.47
F Min. +/- 20%: 0.08
MIL C-5015 Rotating: 20, 22
MIL C-26482 Solid: 18, 20

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43215 IGS Model

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Product Description

Transition Boots without Lip

Available without lip (G) to better fit odd geometric shapes

This product is designed to meet the requirements of DOD-2003-1.  All materials conform to SAE-AS81765/1.


  • Superior crush resistance ideally suited for shipboard and communications cabling
  • Build-up or shim cable diameters for a better fit for components in cable harnesses
  • Very robust – used for strain relief and fire resistant mechanical protection
  • Low temperature flexibility – can be installed on connector body, rear thread or plain cable shaft
  • Heat resistant – no dripping, flowing or cracking at 225°C (ASTM D-2671)


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